Jon Stewart Mocks Conservative Outrage Toward Priorities USA Ad

On Thursday night, Jon Stewart took a look at the firestorm surrounding the recent controversial ad by Priorities USA Action. Noting the hoopla the ad caused, Stewart asserted it’s time for the Republicans to step up their attack-ad game.

Ridiculing the “Romney Hood” and “Obamaloney” puns, Stewart quipped that the “Mitt Romney killed that guy’s wife” line of attack is certainly less, er, silly. But really, they should be more direct with their message, he said: “Mitt Romney gives wives cancer.”

Moving on, Stewart took a look at the response on the other side, in which Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul made the blasphemous mistake of not just mentioning, but praising, Romney’s health care initiative in Massachusetts. Thus leading to a conservative freak out. Particularly highlighting Ann Coulter‘s enraged reaction on Hannity, Stewart paraphrased it thusly: “Did you see that Republican presidential candidate is making a move we don’t agree with and I’m mad because you are working so hard to push for him but he continues to go off the message you designed?”

It’s about time the Republicans fight fire with fire, Stewart proclaimed. It’s time to step up. He even did the favor of creating their line of attack: “Since Barack Obama became president we’ve lost 75% of our Golden Girls and one designing woman. So vote for Mitt Romney. Don’t let Obama finish the job.”

Take a look, via Comedy Central:

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