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Jon Stewart Mocks Democrats’ Idolization Of ‘Mythical,’ Superhero Obama

On Wednesday night, Jon Stewart revisited the second night of the Democratic National Convention, first noting some similarities between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to touting values, and then going on to mock some of the over-the-top admiration expressed for President Barack Obama.

Following a montage of speeches from the convention, Stewart observed the running theme of topics like faith, family and values — noting that (gasp) these “supposedly Republican-owned themes of family values, self-reliance and faith” seem to actually exist on both sides.

He then digressed to the larger point at hand, introduced by clips of speakers touting Obama’s accomplishments and endearing qualities. Jobs, auto industry, first responders, teachers, clean energy. Courage! He even made babies 15 percent cuter! And still has family dinner every night! (All right, one of those might have been Stewart’s addition.)

Turning to correspondent John Oliver, we learned that Obama even saved Oliver from a rather unfortunate hot-dog-choking incident.

“Last week, Republicans spent their entire convention constructing a fictional Obama, an invisible chair-bound tyrant hellbent on destroying America,” Oliver said. “It’s frankly only natural that Democrats would counter with their own mythical Obama — still invisible, but this time sitting on a significantly different chair.”

Take a look at that “different chair” below, via Comedy Central:

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