Jon Stewart Mocks GOP Over Blaming Obama For Bush’s Iraq Withdrawal Agreement

Last week, President Obama announced plans to remove all U.S. military forces from Iraq by year’s end, effectively ending the long and still questionably effective Iraq War. Over the weekend, numerous GOP leaders like Lindsey Graham and John McCain — and even some presidential candidates like Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann — predictably used the news to blame the Obama administration. Turns out that a rather significant detail had been overlooked by commenter and reporter alike: the withdrawal date had been agreed to by President George W. Bush. Enter Jon Stewart to make a mockery out of the story.

After airing clips of Graham and McCain criticizing the White House for “fumbling the ball inside the 10-yard line” and calling the withdrawal a “clear victory for Iran,” Stewart likened their criticism to the captain of the Exxon Valdez standing around Alaska going “You’re scrubbing the oil off those birds all wrong.”

Jokes aside, the fact that the withdrawal date agreement was signed by President Bush was largely ignored by most news reporters and commentators, and only brought to light by a “fake” news program is a pretty harsh indictment of today’s partisan media landscape.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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