Jon Stewart Mocks GOP’s Weak Reasons To Support Romney: ‘We Have Voted Enough’

Stewart Mocks GOP's Weak Reasons To Support Romney: 'We Have Voted Enough'

With the Republican Party slowly but surely coalescing around Mitt Romney, Jon Stewart began his show today looking for some semblance of enthusiasm for the frontrunner among Republicans, and finding not all that much– from former President George H.W. Bush to Sen. Marco Rubio to his wife, Ann. He found so little, he rewrote a few previous Republican campaign slogans to reflect this level of enthusiasm.

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Joking that President Bush (41) looked like Hugh Hefner and, despite being “an almost 90 year old guy in what looks like yacht wear,” seemed “hipper and more relatable” than Mitt Romney (“he makes Bush look almost ethnic!”), Stewart found even the Bush endorsement to lack energy. But it wasn’t just Bush– it was Rep. Paul Ryan saying “the more we drag it out, the harder it is to win in November” (which Stewart translated to mean “we have voted enough”). It was Sen. Rubio saying, according to Stewart, “I’m going to endorse Mitt Romney because… what am I going to do?”

Stewart joked that if other Republican campaigns would have had this level of energy, “I like Ike would have been ‘Ike’s Fine,'” and “It’s Morning Again in America” would have been “Yeah… It’s Time To Get Up.” While he didn’t think every endorsement should be an over-the-top barnburner, they should be, he argued, at least breath mint-level confident.

The segment via Comedy Central below:

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