Jon Stewart Mocks NBC’s Edited 911 Zimmerman Tapes With His Own Bad Edits

NBC has gotten into a bit of a hole with a broadcast their aired editing the 911 tape of George Zimmerman calling to report Trayvon Martin before he shot him. Jon Stewart played the edited tape today and listened in awe as a pivotal bit of the conversation simply disappeared. How egregious was the editing? Stewart demonstrated by taking clips of “Jeopardy!” contestants and wondering why they kept asking what totally commonplace words are.

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Stewart began his report with an update of stations covering the ongoing Trayvon Martin case, particularly clips from Fox News and NBC, and got to the video in question, expressing shock at the way it was edited. He then began to show other “shocking” videos, such as a Jeopardy! contestant asking, “What is a solarium?” to which Stewart replied, “You don’t know what a solarium is? You’re an adult!” He did the same with several other contestants, proving the point of how crazy the edit was. But before you thought Fox News would leave the segment unscathed, he took a few stabs at Brent Bozell and, particularly, Judith Miller for arguing NBC was pushing a pro-Martin “meme,” joking Fox News was promoting the “got what he deserved meme.”

The segment via Comedy Central below:

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