Jon Stewart Mocks Obama’s Russian Open Mic Gaffe: ‘I’ve Got To Act Like An Idiot’ Until Election

On tonight’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart looked at a clip of President Obama that had made the rounds, of him in Russia speaking to President Dmitry Medvedev and telling him he needs to wait to be reelected to have “more flexibility.” “I will transmit this to Vladimir,” Medvedev replied, which Stewart joked was likely on the list of “things that should only be spoken into a shoe phone.”

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Stewart joked of President Obama’s “Soul Seoul Trip” to go “perform in the world leader tabernacle choir,” and played the clip of him speaking on a microphone he was unaware was on. What Medvedev said “was not exactly sinister, but it sounds fucking sinister, doesn’t it?” Stewart joked. He then mocked President Obama’s dismissive attitude towards the election: “I’d love to reduce the nuclear stockpile… until I’m done with these voters.” “I’ve got to act like an idiot until I get my second term,” Stewart said in President Obama-voice.

The segment via Comedy Central below:

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