Jon Stewart Mocks The ‘Time-Killing Circle Jerk’ Of Asking What Is ‘Fair Game’ In Elections

With much of the week devoted to what politicians can or cannot bring up in their quest for election, Jon Stewart began today’s program with a wide look at all the times cable news networks have tried to figure out which attacks are or are not fair game in politics– from attacking Mitt Romney‘s expensive house to his grandparents’ life on a commune. He comes to no verifiable conclusion, coming as close as “you may attack him, that’s fair game, but not if it’s for political gain.”

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The segment began with a discussion on Morning Joe today where Joe Scarborough questioned a New York Times report on Romney’s houses, arguing that the same was never done to Sen. John Kerry (Willie Geist quickly pulled up a Times article from 2004 arguing a similar point to the one on Romney, which appeared on A1 of the Sunday Times).

“Fair game is an issue the media seems to be talking about,” Stewart noticed, going from the questions like “is it fair to judge job applicants by prior work experience?” to whether it was fair to talk about a candidate’s high school career. Then there were comments on CNN, which seemed to argue, as Stewart put it, that “you may attack him, that’s fair game, but not if it’s for political gain… you may not attack a politician if you are looking to stop him from beating him in an election.”

Coming to no conclusion, Stewart called the entire exercise a “time-killing circle jerk,” though then took it back, because “even circle-jerks end with some kind of tangible conclusion.”

The segment via Comedy Central below:

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