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Jon Stewart Nudges “Thin-Skinned And Superficial” Media

stewart_9-23Jon Stewart and The Daily Show took Monday off to celebrate their multiple Emmy wins.

So last night he got around to talking about Pres. Barack Obama‘s Sunday show media blitz – and the fickle nature of the press.

While the media was quick to criticize former Pres. George W. Bush for his lack of press appearances, it seems they aren’t happy this way either. Stewart played a series of clips of media members using the word “overexposed” to describe the recent interviews. He also took some shots at the Sunday shows. “Being on five Sunday morning news shows doesn’t risk overexposure,” said Stewart. “The overwhelming majority of Americans at that time are either in church, or sleeping off something they should be in church for.”

There was also this from CNN’s T.J. Holmes: “Does he run a risk of quite frankly upsetting some in the media?” (“I mean we are thin-skinned and superficial jack-asses,” responded Stewart.)

One thing he didn’t address – the way Pres. Obama turned the table on the media during the actual interviews. The “rude” thread was weaved throughout, as the President shot down the very nature of the media’s focus on conflict and drama. In these portions of the interviews, he almost sounded Jon Stewart-esque.

Also prominently featured: ABC contributor Peggy Noonan and Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. Check it out:

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