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Jon Stewart On Sandusky Interview: ‘You’re Actually Fighting The Urge To Come Clean’

With alleged child rapist Jerry Sandusky appearing on NBC last night to discuss the charges leveled against him with Bob Costas, Jon Stewart had a chance to give his take on the Penn State matter and found it really hard to believe Sandusky was innocent. For one, he repeated the question when Costas asked if he was sexually into children. On another point, he didn’t even lie with any enthusiasm. Third, it appears his lawyer impregnated an underaged girl. This story just keeps getting worse and worse.

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“The only time you repeat a question is when you’re guilty!” Stewart exclaimed as he watched Sandusky try to answer whether he was sexually interested in children by simply repeating the question. “I don’t have to be a liar to know that a lie is coming– I’ve lied before, I know what you do before you lie,” Stewart noted. Indeed, the answer that came after was something to the effect of “I enjoy the company of children,” before a final, strained, “no.” “You can’t even get yourself to lie emphatically!” Stewart exclaimed, adding that it appeared Sandusky was “fighting the urge to come clean.”

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The came the uncomfortable explanation from Sandusky, that he did indeed “horse” around. Needless to say, Stewart didn’t buy it. “Horseplay is wrestling your friend out of a pillow fort,” he explained, not something “that would be mistaken for rape.” By this time, Stewart is wondering where Sandusky’s lawyer is– it turns out, he is sitting besides Costas the whole time (who Stewart commends for his interview skills). He also brings up the allegations against the lawyer himself– the claim he impregnated an underaged girl at age 49. “What kind of creepy guy club do you both belong to?” he concludes.

The clip via Comedy Central below:

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