Jon Stewart Praises ‘The Genius Of Fox News’ In Analyzing Putin/Obama Meeting

Jon Stewart led the Daily Show today with coverage of Fast & Furious, and, perhaps surprising to many, he found himself as outraged about a program he dubbed “Christmas Guns for Convicts,” and about the other big headline this week, President Obama’s icy meeting with Vladimir Putin, which, to Stewart, put “the genius of Fox News” on display.

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Stewart appeared pretty skeptical of what possible reason there could be for a “program where they sold drugs to Mexican gun lords,” something that somehow led him to talk about how his dog refused to eat bananas. He shifted gears quickly, however, to the other top story– Putin and President Obama talking about foreign policy, with an icy look Stewart found typical of Putin. Stewart then looked at the body language analysis across the various networks. Many hesitated to see something that wasn’t there, “but that’s the genius of Fox News,” he lauded, “they see this and immediately know what it is, and see why it’s enormously important.” They see, he concluded, President Obama as a “weak child.”

The segment via Comedy Central below:

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