Jon Stewart Praises Trump DOJ for ‘Excellent Job’ on 9/11 Victims Fund, Calls on Congress to Act


Jon Stewart is on Capitol Hill today with 9/11 first responder John Feal to join lawmakers in fighting against cuts to benefits being received by first responders.

Stewart made a point of briefly addressing the media coverage, saying “I know that tomorrow the 24-hour cycle will move on and you’ll be discussing the body language of Kim Jong Un and whatever else is going on there.”

“When we’re done here,” he implored, “anybody who is with a media outlet, anybody here who is a writer or has a platform, stop––and don’t talk to us, talk to the men and women who are sick and suffering right now.”

“You can amplify their stories. You can get their stories out there.”

Stewart said this whole thing comes down to “12 Republicans on the Senate side” voting to help replenish the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. And the fact there even needs to be a debate about this is “bullshit,” he added.

At one point, with particular emphasis, Stewart said, “The Trump Justice Department is doing an excellent job in administering this program. The claims are going through faster and the awards are coming through… I’m not going to comment on anything else, but that’s why were in the problem that we’re in, is the program works exactly like it’s supposed to.”

“Now it’s Congress’ job to fund it properly,” he added.

You can watch above, via WABC New York.

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