Jon Stewart Premieres New Rosewater Scenes Featuring Jason Jones

On Thursday, the first trailer for Jon Stewart’s directorial debut Rosewater was released. But the Daily Show host wanted to give his viewers a better sense of how he became connected to the story of Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari, so last night he premiered two new clips from the film that include appearances by his long-time correspondent Jason Jones.

As Stewart explained, Jones had traveled to Tehran to interview Bahari for the Daily Show’s coverage of the protests in Iran, a scene that is recreated in the film with Gael García Bernal playing Bahari and Jones taking on the role of himself.

In another scene set during Bahari’s time in prison, his interrogator plays him a clip of the Daily Show segment and asks why he was meeting with an American spy. “Why would a real spy have a TV show?” Bahari asks.

While Stewart’s name appears in big bold letters during the first trailer for the film, the marketing of the film appears to be deliberately downplaying any comic elements, perhaps in an attempt to gain award season credentials as a serious drama. But as the scenes below reveal, some of Stewart’s comedic sensibility does shine through the dark material.

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

And watch the full trailer below:

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