Jon Stewart Presents The Inaugural Lowe’s Hardware ‘Balls Of The Week’ Segment

Wednesday, Daily Show host Jon Stewart introduced a new, ball-centric segment aimed at celebrating and/or denigrating public figures whose massive cojones propel them forward or trip them up, as massive cojones are wont to do. And it’s all sponsored by Lowe’s,* naturally.

*Not sponsored by Lowe’s, naturally.

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First up for the honor was Herman Cain, the former GOP candidate missed universally since announcing his departure from the presidential race. Cain, as you may know, was recently interviewed by Barbara Walters for being one of the year’s most fascinating people. During that interview, Cain shared that his preferred (and hypothetical) cabinet position would be within the Department of Defense. Someone’s gotta case of Lowe’s Balls!

And then there’s Mitt Romney, who, as of late, has been going after rival presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich‘s “conservative credentials,” basically calling him out for being inconsistent in his views.

“You’re talking about YOU!” cried an incredulous Stewart. Baller!

But the largest ball-haver would have to be President Barack Obama for asking Iran to kindly return our captured drone.

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Sack It To ‘Em!. Or whatever.

Have a look at the segment, from Comedy Central:

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