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Jon Stewart Ridicules Lame Duck Congress And The GOP’s ‘Audacity Of Nope’

Coming off a big win during the midterm elections, the GOP leadership in Congress has exhibited a curious mix of rhetoric: on one hand there are kind and eager words for working with President Obama and the Democratic opposition, while on the other there is the pledge to block all legislation until the Bush Tax Cuts are extended. If this sounds ripe for ridicule to you, then you will be pleased by the following segment from Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show, a program apparently popular with “the kids.”

The following segment is a text book example of Mr. Stewart unique brand of satirical news coverage:

Open with a set-up pegged to the news; Throw up a punny chyroned headline, then quickly follow up by a searing example of GOP hypocrisy; Throw in a dash of Democratic incompetence (or is it impotence?); Add a hip pop culture reference (in this case 4 Loko) then end the bit with a sad and knowing expression that leaves the viewer entertained yet somewhat dispirited at the same time. Sound formulaic? Maybe so. But here I am singing its praises because its worth watching.

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