Jon Stewart Ridicules Romney For Simply Envisioning America As A ‘Job Machine’

In advance of Barack Obama‘s joint session jobs speech (re)scheduled for Thursday evening, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney got out in front of the issue by unveiling his own jobs plan. The 59-point plan was presented in a one-hour extemporaneous presentation, that was mostly missed by anyone not constantly tuned in to C-Span where it aired. Tonight, Jon Stewart selectively edited out his favorite moments and made jokes. Lots of funny jokes, even.

In his speech, the (self-described) pro-business former Governor of Massachusetts focused on his iPhone – seeing a “smartphone economy,” while proclaiming that Obama is living in a pay-phone economy. (see what he did there?) While Romney supporters likely saw this as an apt metaphor, Stewart went from showing image of the president to another individual also troubled by the disappearance of payphones — in particular the booths they come in — Superman. Judging by the audience reaction, the comparison of Obama to the Man of Steel was not lost.

Perhaps the biggest profundity put forth by Romney was his oversimplified explanation of how to fix a stagnant economy, revealing that his vision for his country: “America should be a job machine, jobs being created all the time. We should have a job-creating machine in America.” After running this comment, an ironically befuddled Stewart gasped “Of course! A job machine. It’s so easy!” And then people laughed.

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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