Jon Stewart Rips Apart 60 Minutes and ‘Pile of Sh*t’ TIME Magazine

Jon Stewart tackled two American journalistic institutions on Monday night: 60 Minutes and TIME Magazine. One of them did not do its due diligence to investigate the veracity of a report about a tragic time in recent American history. The other called a man fat. Either way, Stewart was having none of it.

Stewart mocked the pithy apology 60 Minutes and Lara Logan gave for the error, mockingly adding “it’s such a pain in the ass to check, and then what if it was bullshit?”

Stewart also got to dust off his Lindsey GrahamTennessee Williams impression to zing the South Carolina senator for using the 60 Minutes piece to block Obama nominees.

But as Stewart noted, “As half-assed as it was, at least they admitted they were wrong.” He called out TIME for basically calling Chris Christie a “fat fuck,” and was stunned at the total lack of apology from anyone at the magazine. So Stewart shot back with the cover of the latest Daily Show Magazine: “TIME Magazine is a Pile of Shit.”

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

[photo via screengrab]

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