Jon Stewart Rips Ebola Panic, Asks Why Christie’s ‘Such a Dick’

Jon Stewart brought The Daily Show to Austin, Texas this week, and wasted no time in addressing the viral elephant in the room: “the perverse obsession with a virus that none of us who has not direct contact with an Ebola patient has gotten.”

Because they were in Texas, Stewart and the Daily Show correspondent used the cases of Ebola in Dallas and New York to have some fun with their host city, with Jessica Williams bragging that Austin is so ahead of the curve, they’ve already harvested their own free-range Ebola.

In the next segment, Stewart tackled the new case of Ebola in New York, and went after Chris Christie for keeping the nurse without Ebola in quarantine. He asked, “Why does Christie have to be such a dick about everything?” He also summed up the Republican proposals to fight Ebola thusly: “Shut up, science!”

Watch part one here, via Comedy Central:

And part two:

[image via screengrab]

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