Jon Stewart Rips Hypocrisy Of GOP Senators Who Blocked Veterans’ Benefits Bill

Stewart Rips Hypocrisy Of GOP Senators Who Blocked Veterans' Benefits Bill

Jon Stewart was “tired as hell” of covering election-related hoopla on Wednesday night, and so instead turned to discuss a legislative issue. Specifically, support for veterans’ benefits. Criticizing the Republican senators who voted against the bill, Stewart was in disbelief.

Stewart noted that 40 Republican senators blocked that would have provided $1 billion in support for veterans because they argued it was unpaid for.

So, Stewart remarked, they “thought it would be wrong to spend a billion dollars on a bill to help reintegrate veterans into the domestic workforce partly because of the amount of money we had already gladly spent on wars that made them veterans in the first place.”

But do they even need the extra help? Stewart cut to a Republican’s remarks about how the military training “is not recognized by civilian authorities and states and therefore they’re forced to go through redundant training to do the job they were doing in the military.”

All is not lost though, because there’s the HIRE at Home Act. Which requires that states consider veterans’ training. You know, just think about it real quick.

To be fair, Stewart said, this is only our 240th year of fighting wars, so new issues are bound to come up. “What gave these veterans the idea that their military skills would be transferable to the real world in the first place?”

Let’s take a look at an idea to give us an idea: “The strength to build a better future can be found in the army, with leadership skills and training in over 150 careers — 150 careers in the strengths America’s top employers are looking for.”

Oh. Right.

Watch below, via Comedy Central:

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