Jon Stewart: Sarah Palin Won’t Talk To Media Because…Roger Ailes Won’t Allow It?

Coming back from a week long vacation from the news last night, Jon Stewart laced into both the mysterious One Nation bus tour of Sarah Palin — and the media that are desperately trying to cover/make sense of it. Stewart cited a blog post by the one lucky journalist allowed to interview Palin on her bus, Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, who in a blog post explained that she got the plum interview spot since Palin is a fellow Fox News employee. In Stewart’s estimation, ergo, Fox News’ chief Roger Ailes is calling the shots.

Stewart seems to clearly believe that Palin is in fact running for president; how else could one reasonably explain this bus tour with her family around key primary states? But the The Daily Show seems to hold the media coverage in as much contempt as anyone else in the following segment, which you can watch for yourself, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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