Jon Stewart Says His Rally Is “Not The Anti-Glenn Beck Rally” On “Burning Building” CNN


Jon Stewart continued his pre-Restore Sanity Rally press tour, with a stop on CNN last night.

Talking to Larry King, Stewart explained why his rally is not “Anti-Glenn Beck,” took aim at NPR for banning employees from attending…and made fun of CNN.

The CNN jabs started right at the beginning. “I’m sorry, I’m just listening to the end of Parker Spitzer,” said Stewart, later poking fun at the small table filled with newspapers. “They’re just – that’s witty. That is witty.”

Later: “Can I tell you something? You made the right choice. You are leaving this place. You know what you are? You’re the last guy out of a burning building, my friend.”

King asked Stewart to describe his rally, and if it was a direct response to Glenn Beck’s 8/28 rally. “It is not the Anti-Glenn Beck rally,” he said. “It’s a very similar – what we are doing is, we are using the rally format to do the same thing we do with our shows. The message will be a very similar-type idea.”

Stewart said his books are like the Daily Show in book form – this will be Daily Show in rally form. So don’t expect it to be overtly political. Which brings us to the NPR issue – which told its employees they are not allowed to attend.

“To fight back, I have prohibited my employees from describing events in esoteric terms,” said Stewart. “Very little NPR can do to hurt a fella. Other than perhaps come and reclaim my tote bag. From now on, I’m carrying everything just in my arms like this. I will no longer use their tote bags. I find it interesting that you would forbid people to go to something that even we don’t really know what it is.”

No love lost for NPR – and likely even less so after last night.

Here’s part of the interview, from CNN:

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