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Jon Stewart Skewers The Candidates And The South Carolina GOP Debate Audience

On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart lampooned the overzealous conservative audience during Monday’s South Carolina GOP Debate held on Martin Luther King Day. “The real star of the debate was the South Carolina audience who made some revealing laudatory choices.”

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Stewart singled out the raucous cheers that followed Rick Perry’s exclamation that “South Carolina is at war with this federal government and this administration!”

“Whoo! whoo! War against the government led by South Carolina!” snarked Stewart. “That always has a good ending, right? Wow! So a faint hint of civil war. What didn’t the audience like?”

Stewart then played footage of Ron Paul being booed for saying the country should “consider a golden rule in foreign policy: don’t do to other nations, what we don’t want to happen to us.”

“Let the record show on January 16, 2012, the good people of South Carolina booed the golden rule!” Stewart proclaimed.

The late-night comic then observed one candidate both won the debate and provided a fitting tribute to the late Martin Luther King:

JUAN WILLIAMS: Speaker Gingrich, you recently said black Americans should demand jobs not food stamps. Can’t you see that this is viewed at a minimum as insulting to all Americans but particularly to black Americans?

NEWT GINGRICH: No, I don’t see that. (cheers and applause)

“Hooray!” Stewart zinged. “Yes, hooray for your inability to comprehend when you’ve insulted black people! We, too, find it difficult!”

“And so it was on that Martin Luther King Day, Newt Gingrich shared his vision of an America where people will be judged not by the color of their skin but by him, Newt Gingrich.”

Watch Stewart lambaste the GOP debate audience and Newt Gingrich below via Comedy Central:

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