‘ZimDecision’ 2012: Jon Stewart Slams Trayvon Martin Media Circus

On Thursday night, Jon Stewart tackled “ZimDecision 2012” — now that the George Zimmerman case is moving forward. Beginning with Wednesday’s announcement, Stewart moved on to criticizing the good old media. The segment descended into a over-the-top “report.” A sign of the chaotic media frenzy surrounding the trial that awaits us.

Stewart began by playing a clip from special prosecutor Angela Corey’s press conference, in which she announced the charges. He, like many did yesterday, mocked how long it took Corey to get to the actual charges.

He then moved on to the reactions to the second-degree murder charge. You know, from the people who matter the most: the media, of course. The montage ended with Nancy Grace making a “Tot Mom” reference (because Florida, or something).

“So media hungry,” Stewart noted. “But which meal will they be served?” He then turned to Jon Oliver who said the trial will be “a circus,” and the media “will descend like locusts.” Upon hearing the arraignment happened today, Oliver sped over to, er, Sanford, Florida. Just so he doesn’t miss anything. “If this is going to be a real media shitstorm,” he told Stewart, “you need me reporting right from the middle of it.”

Seeing Oliver, others joined him in staking out the courthouse. Because we all know how important it is to be there commentating when news is going down…and when it isn’t.

Take a look at the segment, via Comedy Central:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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