Jon Stewart Slams The GOP Debate: Three Men And A White-Haired Man-Baby

On Thursday night, Daily Show host Jon Stewart gave viewers a glimpse at the romantic, wholesome family comedy Three Men and a White-Haired Man-Baby. (Seriously, Newt looks ADORABLE as a man-baby.)

Stewart said that the other three candidates did not hesitate to treat “newly-minted front-runner” Rick Santorum “like they was his papa,” calling him out on various issues and bits of legislation that have proved problematic or that he’s seemingly flip-flopped on over the years.

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Stewart did give credit where it was due, noting that — when asked about these — Santorum admitted his mistakes and also ffered a clear, concise answer explanation of the way government works rather than blurt out nonsense or attempt to obfuscate the issues. Then again, “this is no place for reasoned arguing!”

Watch, via Comedy Central:

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