Jon Stewart Snarks About Fire Alarm During NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams Retaliates

When Brian Williams reacted, handsomely and Brian Williamsly, to last night’s fire alarm during his NBC Nightly News broadcast, the first thing you should have thought was, “I wonder what The Daily Show is going to say about this, and how they’ll manage to incorporate an alpaca into this story.”

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Host Jon Stewart had a good chuckle over how annoyed Williams seem to be over the alarm (which, TRUTH ALARM!, is a story we were among the first to report), and noted that this is “NBC News’ worst mid-broadcast calamity” since an alpaca assaulted Tom Brokaw.

Stewart’s own broadcast was then interrupted by an alarm… triggered by Williams himself! SPECIAL TWIST ENDING. Williams then offered us a glimpse of what Brian Williams might look like backing up whilst making beeping sounds.

Have a look, via Comedy Central:

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