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Jon Stewart Stages An Anti-Newt Intervention For The GOP: ‘Don’t Do It’

Thursday, Daily Show host Jon Stewart had a bit of advice for Republican primary voters: “Don’t do this.” As in, please do not elect Newt Gingrich as the GOP nominee.

“Seriously,” he continued. “I know you’re mad. I know you’re mad… der than usual. Country’s being run by a foreign-born Hawaiian radical Christian Muslim socialist who’s in the pocket of Wall Street. And sometimes Newt Gingrich can sound like the answer… But here’s the thing, here’s the thing. He’s not Reagan. He’s more of a Norman Rockwell painting of Ayn Rand kicking Jimmy Carter in the balls.”

Gingrich is what you happen, he added, if Reagan had been abandoned as a child and subsequently raised by a family of cacti.

In the spirit, Stewart spearheaded an intervention for Republicans by conservatives. Oklahoma’s Sen. Tom Coburn, for instance, finds him lacking in leadership, and former New Hampshire governor John Sununu (his name is the best of all the names) thinks Gingrich puts himself above anyone else, Republicans included. Kentucky’s Sen. Rand Paul agrees, as do a number of other Republican politicians and pundits who find him unfocused, erratic.

And there’s MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, who finds Gingrich to be an all-around “bad person.”

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…Oh and there’s Glenn Beck, of course.

Check it out, via Comedy Central:

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