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Jon Stewart Tackles ‘Jerk’ Gruber: ‘Pretty Slimy’ Stuff There

Jon Stewart finally took on Jonathan Gruber‘s comments about Obamacare and stupid Americans tonight, and said that the deception he talks about on the part of Democrats does sound “pretty slimy.”

Stewart joined the conservative piling-on of Gruber by mocking him as a “super-egghead” and a “jerk,” before showing exactly how essential he was to getting the law passed. He showed both video of President Obama touting Gruber’s work and Nancy Pelosi denying knowing Gruber, in video right before additional video of her mentioning Gruber by name.

So this is “pretty lousy” for the Democrats, as Stewart put it. And just to stick the knife in even further, the Supreme Court is going to hear a case that could dismantle the law. Stewart reacted to that news with, well, a string of profanities.

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

[image via screengrab]

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