Jon Stewart Tackles The Palin “Family Media Circus”

Various members of the Palin family have been in the news for many reasons lately, including Bristol (for Dancing With The Stars controversies and PSAs with The Situation), Willow (for Facebook fighting), and, of course, Sarah (for SPAlaska). Jon Stewart couldn’t let any of that go without comment, and used a segment on last night’s Daily Show to take a look at the craziness.

First, he looked at Bristol’s Dancing With The Stars advancement, particularly the television-shooter (he responded with the look you see above). And he didn’t seem to think the Willow/Facebook controversy was much to get worked up about – except for the fact that it made him “feel sympathy for the Palins.” As for Bristol and The Sitch promoting abstinence…well, if you don’t think it involved a “Situation Room” pun, you will be proven very, very wrong.

But the show saved the biggest production for their look at Sarah Palin’s Alaska. They lampooned the show itself a bit, but mainly gave correspondent Jason Jones a chance to show off his version of the show, “for [Stewart’s] own financial gain.” Enter Jason Jones’ Bayonne [N.J.], though the location is a strange choice considering Jones is from Canada. Video of the segment below.

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