Jon Stewart Takes On Hypocrisy Of Paul Ryan’s ‘Fiscal Conservative’ Image By Invoking Vampires

Jon Stewart Takes On Hypocrisy Of Ryan's Image By Invoking Vampires

Jon Stewart once again took a look at Paul Ryan on Tuesday night, this time focusing more on the discussion surrounding Ryan’s image as a staunch fiscal conservative. And that whole mess about whether Mitt Romney‘s budget plan has anything to do with Ryan’s.

Taking a cue from yesterday’s Robert Pattinson appearance, Stewart stuck with Twilight theme, observing that one Mitt Romney appears to be the vampire in the story while Obama is…the werewolf? The segment began with Stewart taking a jab at Ryan, inferring hypocrisy. For all the anti-deficit talk Ryan has, Stewart noticed, he voted for the programs and initiatives (such as two wars, TARP, tax cuts, etc.) that dug us into the hole.

But he digressed. While Romney admires Ryan’s ideas, we’ve learned, he has his own budget plan. Peering into the confusion, Stewart looked at conflicting coverage: those saying the two Medicare plans aren’t alike, while Romney himself deemed them “very similar.”

Helpfully, he deciphered the ordeal for us: “Basically what he’s saying is the budget plans for the two of them are very different but really mostly the same — although we really haven’t compared them yet.”

Take a look, via Comedy Central:

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