Jon Stewart Takes On Obama’s Reaction To Jobs Report In Game Of ‘Polish That Turd’

President Obama has been facing added criticism following Friday’s bleak jobs report — and on Friday, Jon Stewart took a look at how the administration and campaign officials have been holding everybody but themselves accountable, insisting on a peachy outlook for November.

The report was “a fiscal kick in the balls,” to be sure. So naturally it was time for the Obama team to play another round of “Polish That Turd” — turning this crappy news into something positive. Cue montage of cable news punditry scrambling to gloss over the negative implications of the story.

The first answer: technically there was still job growth, and has been for 27 straight months. Meaning: “true but still shitty.” Moving on the the second game response: California, New York and Illinois won’t decide the election. States like Virginia, Ohio and Florida do — where there’s been increasing manufacturing jobs. Meaning: “fuck you, unless you live in swing state.” And the final answer: But let’s talk about Mitt Romney and Massachusetts! Meaning: “our turd stinks but everybody else worse.”

Ah, campaigning.

Take a look, via Comedy Central:

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