Jon Stewart Tears Into Dem Sen. Feinstein for CIA Spying Hypocrisy

It’s a relatively rare thing when Jon Stewart targets Democratic members of Congress on The Daily Show. But when he does, he doesn’t hold back. Such was the case Wednesday night when Stewart took on California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s apparent outrage that the CIA could have knowingly spied on members of the Senate.

“What is incredible about these accusations is, they are not coming from Senator Ron ‘Privacy is important’ Wyden or Senator Rand ‘Don’t kill me with a flying robot’ Paul,” Stewart said. “They are coming from Dianne ‘So the NSA is looking at your data’ Feinstein.”

After playing a montage of Senate Intelligence Committee chair Feinstein showing her support for NSA surveillance tactics, Stewart explained, “She doesn’t mind if our security apparatus is looking at your stuff, because your stuff is shit. But her shit is stuff.” He then dutifully gave credit where credit is due to George Carlin for that classic riff.

For more on this story, new correspondent and definitely not-former-CIA-agent Jordan Klepper joined Stewart to defend the CIA’s actions. When he was accidentally found out, he quickly changed his cover to become long-time cue card guy “Ronnie Cilantro,” before conveniently destroying the tape of National Intelligence Director James Clapper “flat-out lying” to Congress.

If the Senate can’t escape the reach of the CIA, then neither can The Daily Show.

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

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