Jon Stewart Tears Into GOP Over Richard Mourdock’s Rape Comments

Jon Stewart hammered away at the Republican party for continuing to support Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, despite his controversial remarks about rape and abortion. He highlighted the fact that Romney recently endorsed Mourdock’s Senate candidacy, but marveled at how that endorsement has not faded away as quickly as Romney’s support for Todd Akin did.

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Stewart replayed the comments of Mourdock saying that rape is something “God intended to happen,” driving Stewart to the latest installment of a “surprisingly-recurring series” of Republican candidates making controversial remarks about rape. Even Mourdock’s explanation for his remarks wasn’t enough, as Stewart mocked him for clearing up that he doesn’t worship “a rape-loving deity,” something ideally no candidate should ever have to make clear.

However, what Stewart did not expect was for the Romney campaign to continue their support for Mourdock. Apparently, as Stewart put it, a difference of opinion on rape is “not a deal-breaker” for the GOP campaign. Stewart also mocked Joe Scarborough for thinking the problem with Mourdock is that he’s turning away undecided voters.

Stewart also pointed out that Mourdock’s views happen to be somewhat in line with Paul Ryan‘s and the platform of the national Republican party, neither of which account for “life of the mother or feelings of swing voters.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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