Jon Stewart Tells Bill O’Reilly That Glenn Beck Won’t Book Him

Bill O’Reilly completed his home-away agreement with Jon Stewart, appearing for a lengthy (but not requiring extra time) interview on The Daily Show tonight.

After a musical introduction, O’Reilly and Stewart talked about how Glenn Beck won’t book the Comedy Central host on his show, why O’Reilly won’t accept Stewart’s invitation to come to the Restoring Sanity rally and more.

An interesting revelation came up near the beginning of the interview – is Beck really avoiding Stewart? “I wanted to come on the Glenn Beck program with my book, and they wouldn’t have us,” said Stewart.

“They don’t know who you are,” said O’Reilly, joking. But Beck certainly hasn’t avoided talking about Stewart, especially recently – is he really avoiding talking to Stewart? Stewart says he’d “love to have a conversation with him,” and there’s a 100% guarantee Beck will talk about this incident on the radio or TV. But will Beck take up Stewart on his challenge to have an actual conversation?

Stewart also made a pitch to get O’Reilly to come to his rally in D.C. on October 30. Stewart’s audience seemed very much in favor of the idea. “You and Colbert don’t want me to come, because if I come, then they’ll be a big crowd, and you won’t get any credit,” said O’Reilly.

Here’s the full interview:

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