Jon Stewart Tells Stephen Colbert ‘A Giant Turd Asteroid’ (Trump) Hit the Planet After He Quit ‘The Turd Business’

In Stephen Colbert‘s special on Tuesday, when he had his guests interview him rather than the reverse, he still managed to get in a question for former Daily Show host Jon Stewart. And it was about turds. Naturally.

The clip begins with the two men talking about Donald Trump, of course, and Colbert noting that in person Trump seemed like “just some guy” but also “orange like you couldn’t believe.” He brought up Stewart’s nickname for Trump, and then asked whether Stewart missed being on The Daily Show now that Trump is in office.

Stewart said when the two of them were on the show, they “were turd miners.”

“We toiled in the turd mines,” he said. The two exchanged a few turd-related background jokes, and he added, “so working at the Daily Show, I felt as though I was toiling in the turd mines. And then I finally quit, and a giant turd asteroid heads toward the planet.”

“Now, in that instance, if someone said ‘hey you were a turd miner, this is the largest turd deposit ever seen, don’t you wish you were in there?’, and you’re just like, I’m out of the turd business. I’m out,” he said.

Laughing, Colbert said, “come on in Jon, the turd’s fine.”

That’s all. That’s all the turd stuff. You don’t have to read the word turd anymore.

Turd clip courtesy of CBS.
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