Jon Stewart to Donald Trump: ‘What the F*ck Is Wrong with You?’

There’s a war brewing between Donald Trump and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart is not hesitating to take sides. After Trump lashed out at the Chicago Trubune’s Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic for criticizing the his building’s sign, Stewart asked the real estate mogul, “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

As Stewart explained it, when you mention Donald Trump’s name, he appears on television. “He’s like Beetlejuice except you only need to say Trump’s name once and there’s no way to make him go away,” Stewart joked.

After architecture critic Blair Kamin called the sign a “wart,” he faced the worst of Trump’s smears on national television. “Do you have to answer everybody?” Stewart asked Trump. “I thought you were a successful businessman. Is there no slight small enough for you to just fucking let it go?”

Ultimately, Stewart blamed the city of Chicago for allowing Trump to build the tower in the first place. “Chicago, I have to say, this is on you,” Stewart said. “Did you not think Donald Trump was gonna put his name on the building you let him build?” It’s what he does! Have you been to New York? Or as you would think it would be called from the buildings, ‘New Trump City.'”

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

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