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Jon Stewart: Why Aren’t Palin And Others Eager To Take On The “Socialist Muslim President”?

On the first edition of The Daily Show‘s “Indecision 2012” Jon Stewart wondered since “we have a socialist Muslim President subverting the Constitution and the will of the people of America,” why in the world are all potential Republican candidates not eager to declare their candidacy as soon as possible and run against Obama? From there, Stewart humorously ran through the field, playing clips of each candidate that suggested why it might be better off if they don’t even run at all.

Stewart offered advice to some of the candidates, like suggesting that the vertically challenged Mitch Daniels join forces with Mike Bloomberg by sitting on top of his shoulders to run against the much taller Obama. And most humorously, after playing a series of clips where Sarah Palin suggests she might run for President, but only if nobody else will do it, Stewart concluded that he figured out her campaign slogan for 2012: “Sarah Palin 2012 – Beg for It.”

Watch the clip from Comedy Central below:

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