Jon Stewart’s Debt Crisis Roundup: GOP Report Of ‘Angry Obama’ Is ‘Really Weak’


The second the behind the scenes drama during yesterday’s budget meeting hit cable news, it inevitably became part of today’s Daily Show— and Jon Stewart delivered. Giving a full run-down of what allegedly went on, Stewart was blown away by how totally underwhelming Angry Obama seems to be, laying the smack down by “ending a meeting by scheduling another meeting,” and evening calling his own bluff by allegedly telling House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, “don’t call my bluff.”

Stewart’s debt battle round-up was a bit of a grab-bag of the day’s funny moments– Rep. Michele Bachmann mispronouncing “chutzpah” and Sen. Mitch McConnell confessing the talks are “hurting the Republican brand.” The latter, Stewart joked, was something like “the Pinto people [being] upset the exploding gas cans singeing the horse medallion” on the front of the car. Sen. McConnell also took some heat for another blatant admission: that halting the reelection of the President was his primary goal. “He’s like that guy on Fox who ruined magic for everyone in the country five years ago,” he joked.

The main course of the night was, however, the dramatic encounter between Obama and Cantor. Needless to say, Stewart was not particularly impressed by the report of Angry Obama. “If that’s Obama mad, that’s weak,” he noted, joking that “ending a meeting by scheduling the next meeting” isn’t exactly menacing. Then there’s the “don’t call my bluff, Eric” line, which irritated Stewart for several reasons. For one, it “implies a game” with the imminent economic collapse of the nation. But then there’s the fact that it makes no strategic sense. “I think when you’re playing that hand, you’re not supposed to tell the other guy it’s a bluff.” And then there’s the conclusion to that line, the name “Eric”: “boy,” Stewart joked, “the name Eric takes the urgency and steam out of an argument.”

The segment via Comedy Central below:

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