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Jon Stewart’s Tour De Force: What The F**k, Helen!

Ever wonder if Jon Stewart looks at the news these days and concludes he is suffering from an embarrassment of riches? Last night was a veritable tour de force through the nation’s somewhat insane news cycle. Stewart began by thanking Rush Limbaugh for the diversion of his wedding, and then proceeded to excoriate Helen Thomas.

Yes, why did the Jews ever leave Germany and Poland?…Well, if anyone should know why the Jews left Germany it’s Mother Time. Helen! What the f*ck! You were like 20 when it happened!….It’s kind of the ultimate payback. You know who’s going to get her seat now? Elijah.

Thank goodness for South Carolina, and “its casual racism, South Carolina style” that’s “not about Jews” to provide distraction. Cue confusing “raghead” coverage and “flamingly Southern” pols who are claiming to have had “sexual relations” with Nikki Haley. Watch below.

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