Jonathan Alter: Subtext of Trump’s Message Is ‘It’s OK to Criticize America If You’re White’

During MSNBC’s Up this morning, David Gura read out President Donald Trump‘s latest tweet on “the squad”––this one saying they’re not “capable of loving our country”––and said it looks like despite all the negative feedback Trump’s been getting, it’s “the same thing if not worse rhetoric from the president.”

Daily Beast columnist Jonathan Alter said Trump’s modus operandi is to never back down, saying, “The subtext of that tweet and a lot of what he’s been saying all week is it’s OK to criticize America if you’re white.”

When Trump ran for president, Alter said, Trump was incredibly critical of the country.

“But if you’re not white or if you’re a Democrat, you can’t criticize America,” he elaborated. “Now that he represents this country, any criticism of him, he sees as criticism of America. ‘I am the state’ is his basic view. But the subtext of this is that if you’re white, it’s your country, your home. And somebody shouldn’t come into your home and trash your place when they’re in your home. If you’re not white or if you’re a critic, then you’re just visiting this country, and therefore you’re not entitled to the same ability to dissent as if you were native-born.”

Above the Law executive editor Elie Mystal said the media should stop looking at this as a “political strategy,” saying, “What he’s doing is disgusting. We have to stop acting like this is a three-dimensional chess policy and just call a thing a thing. He is being racist because racism works for his base.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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