Jonathan Capehart Blames Media for Kamala Harris Coverage: ‘Media Chases Whoever is Leading in the Polls’


MSNBC contributor Jonathan Capehart told Joy Reid that the media’s chasing of polls is a reason for the drop-off in coverage of 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris.

Reid asked Capehart about Harris’ media coverage on AM Joy Saturday, “what do you make of the way she’s been covered?”

“It is unfortunate. I think part of the problem is the polls, the media chases whoever is leading in the polls,” Capehart said, noting that Harris was once the “new bright shiny object” in the media.

“But then she started sliding in the polls and when you slide in the polls, people discount your candidacy– that’s everyday people and folks in the press. And I think folks in my profession have been guilty of ignoring this person, who yeah is sliding in the polls but her fundamentals are still there, she’s someone who you can’t discount,” Capehart continued.

Capehart went on to argue the media at-large disvalues the voices of black voters in the Democratic Party.

“The media plays in to that narrative,” he said. “Going to the black churches just before primary day, going to the black churches or the weekend before the general election do the big souls to the polls and handwringing about ‘will they come out and will the person lose the election’ because the black vote doesn’t come out.”

“The press also has a responsibility–as the Democratic Party does–to look at the African-American community not just around election time but every time, every day,” Capehart said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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