comScore Jonathan Turley Says ‘Deeply Troubling’ Cohen Would Record Trump: He’s a ‘Very Dangerous Foe’

Jonathan Turley Says ‘Deeply Troubling’ Cohen Would Record Trump: He’s a ‘Very Dangerous Foe’


On Morning Joe, NBC legal analyst and George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley discussed the legal implications of last night’s release of the audio from a secret recording of Donald Trump made by his ex-attorney Michael Cohen. He says that Cohen is obviously dangerous to the president.

“He really does follow that Dorothy Parker adage, that you ‘scratch a lover, find a foe,'” said Turley. “And this is a very dangerous foe obviously for the president.”

But he also had criticism for Cohen. “The fact that he would secretly record his client is deeply troubling for an attorney. I mean, most attorneys are quite shocked,” he said. “It doesn’t make it illegal, the president is wrong about that when he says it might be illegal in New York, it probably is not.”

Not illegal, though he notes that “there’s been a debate about whether it’s ethical, that issue is still out there.”

In Turley’s latest column, published prior to the release of the audio, he has few kind words for Cohen’s ethics, or his skill as an attorney. “Cohen was not selected for his legal skills,” he wrote for The Hill. “He was willing to do things most lawyers would not do.” He also wrote that “Cohen’s loyalties are as dubious as his legal skills,” and had no kinder words for him today on MSNBC.

“Cohen’s solution to every problem is self-immolation,” said Turley of Cohen’s plan to buy the rights to the story from the National Enquirer, which they ended up not going through with. “It’s one of the worst possible things you could do at that moment.”

Bad news for everyone involved, would be Turley’s takeaway here. “I don’t think this is as exculpatory as Giuliani makes out” he says, but it isn’t “establishing a crime, either.”

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