Josh Earnest Knocks Trump’s Remarks On Obama: ‘Doesn’t Seem to Understand’ Responsibility of the Office


Former White House press secretary Josh Earnest gave an interview on MSNBC on Monday night, and he defended his old boss after President Trump said that Barack Obama never called to offer sympathy to grieving military families.

Chris Hayes started things off by asking for Earnest’s response to a White House statement about how Trump was just “stating a fact” earlier today. Earnest said the statement parses the president’s actual remarks, and argued that Trump has not yet realized the responsibility he carries for the lives of the men and women serving the country:

“The thing that’s painfully obvious about President Trump’s remarks today is that he doesn’t seem to understand, or at least feel the weight, of the responsibility that he has as our Commander in Chief. If he just spent half of the time that he dedicates to trying to convince the public he cares for our troops, with actually caring for our troops, then our troops would be better off.”

Earnest continued to hammer Trump for avoiding this public responsibility, all while defending Obama’s record in showing respect for the troops during his presidency. Earnest felt that Obama and George W. Bush felt the weight of their decisions, yet Trump “doesn’t behave in that way at all”:

“This is sort of the latest iteration of the what-about-ism that characterizes every effort of somebody in the Trump Administration to defend something President Trump has done that often is, in itself, indefensible. And to fail to acknowledge the enormous sacrifice that those four brave men made in Africa is indefensible. Frankly, it would have been much better for President Trump to say ‘I regret I haven’t said something publicly about this,’ or to be forthright about ‘look, I don’t really talk about this publicly, but the fact of the matter is I wrote them a letter last weekend.'”

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