Josh Earnest: Obama ‘Regrets’ Filibustering Alito in 2006

earnestPresident Obama‘s calls for the Senate to act quickly on whoever he chooses as a Supreme Court nominee have rung hollow to many on the right because of how he, as a Senator in 2006, not only opposed but filibustered Samuel Alito‘s nomination by George W. Bush.

Alito was eventually confirmed and currently sits on the bench, but the charges of hypocrisy are currently being flung Obama’s way.

Well, at today’s White House press briefing, Josh Earnest said that the president actually regrets doing that:

“As the president alluded to yesterday, he regrets the vote that he made, because, frankly, I mean, as we’ve discussed, Democrats should have been in a position where they were making a public case. That’s what Democrats should have done. And they shouldn’t have looked for a way to just throw sand in the gears of the process. And frankly, looking back on it, the president thinks he should have just followed his own advice.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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