Josh Earnest Struggles to Answer if Stopping ‘Genocide’ in Iraq is ‘in America’s Core Interest’

It was a particularly uncomfortable moment during Thursday’s White House press briefing, wherein Josh Earnest wouldn’t directly answer a question about genocide of religious minorities in Iraq.

Fox News’s Ed Henry asked President Barack Obama‘s chief spokesman: “Is preventing a genocide in America’s core interest?”

Earnest called it an important question, talked about the U.S. being “a beacon of freedom” and “the men and women who’ve fought and died to protect it.” But he wouldn’t say yes or no, despite Henry pressing him three times on it.

Some background on what’s happening in Iraq, via

Officials say the administration nevertheless is weighing options ranging from military strikes to the delivery of humanitarian aid for ethnic minorities driven from their homes by Islamist militants. Senior U.S. officials told Fox News the administration is strongly considering plans to conduct a humanitarian aid mission that would provide food and water to the 40,000 or so religious minorities stranded on a mountaintop in the country’s north after Islamist militants forced them to flee.

Watch via the Free Beacon:

[Image via C-Span/screen grab]

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