Journalists and Texas Officials Clash During Tense Ebola Presser

Tensions flared during today’s press conference on the Texas ebola patient, with journalists wondering why officials could not answer their questions, and with officials blaming journalists for whipping up mass hysteria.

Officials from the CDC, the Texas health department and the City of Dallas fielded questions about how they were monitoring the situation, particularly the people that the victim, Thomas Eric Duncan, had come into contact with over the past few days. However, their hesitance to disclose every piece of information available, for fear that it would cause people to spill into a frenzy, was apparently counterproductive.

As The Hill recounts:

The event became increasingly confrontational.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings scolded journalists for being “part of the problem” while calling the response to the case “at best, disorganized.”

”It is, at best, disorganized out there and we have some members of the press that are creating a bit more of that,” he said. “We need everybody to be professional.”

Journalists complained about the lack of information as officials left. 

”Is this transparency?” asked one reporter. “You bring us all here and then only take six or seven questions? … I have a job to do.”

Here’s footage of the first half of the presser, courtesy of WJLA:

[h/t The Hill]
[Image via screenshot]

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