Joy Behar Confesses Her HLN Sins… Including One About Glenn Beck

Now that Joy Behar is poised to wrap up her HLN show, it’s a good a time as any to sit down and confess some of the sins she’s committed during her time as host.

Seated in a confessional with Anderson Cooper Father Edward Beck, Behar confessed that she’d lied about her HLN colleague Nancy Grace‘s dancing abilities (Girl, I do not know what show you’ve been watching, but Nancy Grace is nothing short of stellar) and that she’d told lawyer Gloria Allred that former GOP presidential contender Herman Cain harassed her as a ruse to get Allred to come to a party.

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But perhaps the biggest sin of all was Behar’s confession that she’d cursed upon thinking that Father Beck was related to none other than Glenn Beck. Dun dun dunnn:

Don’t get mad at me for this, ’cause I used a swear word when I thought that you, Father Beck, were related to Glenn Beck.

Tsk tsk. Will Behar be joining Jon Stewart in Hell?

Watch, via HLN:

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