Joy Behar Gets Graphic on The View: Piers Morgan Kissed Trump’s Butt, McConnell ‘Finally Found His Testicles’

Joy Behar cranked it up to high gear on Wednesday when she got rather graphic in her takedowns for President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The View kicked things off by reviewing Trump’s United Kingdom state visit and his comments about Meghan Markle from his interview with Piers Morgan. Behar was clearly not impressed with Morgan’s less-than-confrontational handling of the interview, saying…this:

“You can hear the sound of Piers Morgan’s lips on Trump’s behind all across the pond. That smacking noise you heard was Piers Morgan kissing his butt.”

As the panel discussed the protests against Trump and how the royal family handled their various encounters with him, the conversation eventually moved to how the president is getting a lot of pushback even among Republicans for his proposal to put tariffs on Mexico. McConnell said yesterday that his Senate colleagues don’t have much support for this idea, and Behar seized on that to proclaim “Mitch McConnell finally found his testicles because they’re near his wallet.”

Meghan McCain groaned at that, but she agreed that conservatives are not in favor of the extra taxes that would result from tariffs. This led to a conversation about whether Trump understands how tariffs work, with Whoopi Goldberg remarking on how much money Trump has lost throughout his life.

Watch above, via ABC.

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