Joy Behar, Meghan McCain Call for Biden to Increase Visibility Amid Pandemic: ‘He’s Gonna Have to Step Up’


The View’s Joy Behar and Meghan McCain agreed Joe Biden needs to have a greater presence as the 2020 election draws closer.

The meeting of the minds happened as The View discussed President Donald Trump’s craving for an in-person Republican National Convention despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis. This prompted a conversation about the difference between Trump and Biden’s compliance with safety guidelines and how they are continuing their campaigns.

Behar tore into Trump’s leadership and his need for crowds to soothe his ego, then eventually switched gears to argue Biden should be more active and public, even with the pandemic limiting his ability to campaign.

“Biden needs to be on television more,” Behar said. “He needs to be talking. He needs to tell us what his plan is going forward, how he’s going to fix the mess that Trump has put us in…I think that in that case, maybe he can stay in the basement and just talk to us, but he’s going to have to step up. We can’t just afford the possibility that we don’t have a landslide in the fall.”

McCain seconded Behar’s take, acknowledging that the narrative among Trump supporters is that Biden is hiding in his basement.

“It’s not that [Biden’s] scared. He’s being responsible with this virus,” McCain said. “But I do think he’s verging on not doing enough press, not doing enough media…I do think one way or another, he has to start hitting President Trump harder and quite frankly on some of these issues like the statues coming down, and all the social complications that are going on in the country.”

“I would like to hear more from him on some of these meat and potatoes issues that we talk about every single day on this show, and I don’t feel like I’m getting enough from his campaign right now,” McCain concluded.

Watch above, via ABC.

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