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Joy Behar On Bieber: If I Cared What An Adolescent Thought ‘I’ll Turn On Glenn Beck’

The controversial abortion comments from young pop superstar Justin Bieber continue to reverberate as Rolling Stone attempts to clarify the statement and now with the ladies of The View weighing in too. Given Bieber’s pro-life stance, it might not be surprising that liberal Joy Behar and conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck disagreed over the appropriateness of his comments.

Behar began by dismissing Bieber’s youthful thoughts and said “truthfully if I want to hear about abortion from an adolescent or health issues, I’ll turn on Glenn Beck.” Behar thought it was insulting for Bieber to suggest everything happens for a reason, and instead declared there is never any reason for rape. Although this “reason” comment of Bieber’s seems to be the subject of Rolling Stone‘s correction, so it’s unlikely that’s what the teen sensation actually suggested. Hasselbeck instead argued they should not discount his opinion on abortion just because he happens to be young.

Barbara Walters, ever the peacemaker, suggested that Bieber is “a young mind that is still growing” and with a mother who is very religious and a reporter asking inappropriate questions just to create buzz, that ultimately Bieber should not be criticized. Whether all of The View co-hosts continue to be “beliebers” in the future remains to be seen.

Watch the clip from ABC below:

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