Joy Behar Slams ‘Party Over Country’ Republicans Amid Trump’s Ongoing Election Dispute: ‘Don’t Lecture Us Anymore About Patriotism’


Joy Behar said Republicans can no longer talk down to others about patriotism after everything they did throughout Donald Trump’s presidency, even as it comes to an end.

On Wednesday, The View started things off by discussing Chris Krebs’ firing from the DHS after he debunked several of the voter fraud conspiracy theories Trump embraced after losing the 2020 election. Guest host and CNN commentator Ana Navarro led the conversation by mocking Trump’s “desperation” and saying “he lacks the psychological capacity to understand that he is a loser.”

Navarro concluded by saying history will remember how “shameful” Republicans and various officials were by enabling Trump throughout the last 5 years. When Behar got in next, she leapt off of Navarro’s point as she remarked that “we’re left with the losers and the winners” of the election.

Krebs is a winner. [Alexander] Vindman, Dr. Rick Bright, Captain Brett Crozier. These are the patriotic Americans who risked their jobs, who said the truth, and Lindsey Graham and the losers in the Republican leadership should take a page and don’t lecture us any more about patriotism, or about putting country over party, or rather, putting party over country which is what they did. I don’t wanna hear it.

Sara Haines picked things up after that by saying “this isn’t The Apprentice,” and Biden could just hire Krebs back again once he’s inaugurated. She also found it interesting that Trump’s administration will take credit for securing the election against foreign influence, all while the president claims without evidence it was tainted by mass voter fraud.

Sunny Hostin’s takeaway was that Trump’s “revenge firing” was done to appease his base, “delegitimize the election,” and “sabotage the transition” for the Biden administration. Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t worried about the last part, saying “when you have the kind of people that Joe Biden will put in place, it will be easier to readjust to get us where we need to go.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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