Joy Reid and Panel Rip Anonymous Op-Ed Author: Wants to ‘Be Fitted for Their Superman Cape’


MSNBC’s Joy Reid this morning acknowledged she’s generally not in agreement with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but said there actually is something concerning about the anonymous Trump administration official who wrote the New York Times op-ed this week.

The author said they’re part of a “resistance” within the White House to rein in Trump’s worst impulses, though Reid said, “Of course, steering the administration in the right direction didn’t involve stopping the separation and caging of immigrant children or using the constitutional option of removing Trump by the 25th amendment. No, the right direction is apparently the one where the resistor gets to preserve the things they like. You know, tax cuts for the rich and deregulation of big business. The writer is basically every Republican in Washington.”

Former DOJ spokesman Matthew Miller said that the solution to Trump’s actions in office is not trying to undermine him “through undemocratic actions” but to “remove that person from office.”

Reid played the clip of former President Barack Obama blasting the author and said this person clearly wants to be “seen as a hero and be fitted for a Superman cape.” senior advisor Karine Jean-Pierre said it’s “completely self-serving” because there’s clearly so much that’s happened under Trump that hasn’t shocked the conscience of this person enough to speak out publicly or leave.

Reid and Tara Dowdell talked briefly about how this incident may only exacerbate Trump’s “authoritarian instincts,” while Dean Obeidallah said, “The idea that this person is in the resistance is a joke. We are the resistance. If you’re opposed to only 10 percent of Donald Trump’s plans, you’re not any resistance.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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